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Victor Koulbak / Виктор Кульбак, 1946

Victor Koulbak was born in 1946 in Moscow, where he studied at the Art School from 1958-1964.
He then spent two years working as a draughtsman for various publishing houses. In 1966, he was admitted to the Polygraphic Institute of Moscow, where he studied for three years.
He then continued to work as an illustrator to earn his living. Five exhibitions in which he tried to show his work were closed down two-to-three hours after opening.

In 1975, he left Russia and is presently living in Malta.
His work has been shown in France, Sweden. Norway, Belgium. Japan, Italy, England, Austria, Germany, Malta, Canada and the United States.
“I do not know whether the beauty will save the world, but we can not survive without it”, says Victor Koulbak

Victor Koulbak, nato il 12 marzo 1946 a Mosca, è un pittore Francese** di origine russa.
E ' noto per aver reintrodotto nell'arte contemporanea la mente e le tecniche dei maestri del Rinascimento**, la punta di denaro in particolare.