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Alberto Aragòn Reyes, 1980 ~ Symbolist painter / Figurative sculptor

Sculptor Alberto Aragón Reyes was 8 April 1980 inOaxaca, Mexico, a region known for its rebellious nature.
His work is strongly influenced by mural painting, which he works on in addition to his other artistic activities.
His works are charged with the spiritual nature of the relationship between people and animals, which has a strong tradition in Mexico. His motifs and themes are strongly influenced by the ancient traditions of old Mexico. 

For instance, when someone was born, people would spread ashes in front of their home and the first animal to leave its footprint in the ashes would become the newborn individual’s companion for life. Alberto’s work is rooted in his country’s ancient legends, which he consciously and unconsciously brings to the canvas. His art is predetermined by the totems of ancient cultures and by the various ways in which they can be understood.
He loves diversity in artistic creation, and so chooses various different materials. In painting it is oil; for sculptures, stone or wood. He also creates murals or restores old frescoes.
In his works, Alberto Aragón Reyes presents his feelings on the essence of art in life, on human beings, spirituality, spiritual interrelationships, symbolism and art’s influence on people in general. /Helena Fenclová

Se inicia como pintor y escultor en el año de 1998 tomando como método de aplicación y aprendizaje la autodidaxis. A partir del año 2000 empieza a viajar con frecuencia al continente europeo, participando como creador mexicano en diversas exposiciones tanto a nivel individual como colectivas, colaborando en grandes proyectos artísticos que comprenden monumentos y obra mural en países como Dinamarca, República Checa, España, Suecia, Noruega, USA, Palestina e Israel.