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Alonso Pereira | Abstract Figurative painter

In a rigorous process of intense personal research and deep thought, through the use of oil painting technique have created a work in which within a timeless space appear diverse reminiscent forms as the focal point which seek a balance that erases the borderline between the figurative and abstraction, thus this way enveloping and submerging the spectator in an imaginary universe of forms, textures, hues of grays and brow-ochres, signs which have multiple possibilities of interpretation according to each spectator’s personal universe.

Young women portrayed in an idealized fashion are present in the artist’s paintings. The women’s traits are very defined when the background is not. Abstract spots, lines, signs, and splashes of color mix and blend with the faces that are represented on the foreground of the painting. Alonso Pereira transports the spectator into an imaginary world where shapes and textures vary. Alonzo leaves it up to the spectator to interpret the paintings as he pleases.