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Jeanette Guichard Bunel, 1957 | Pop Surrealist painter

" - Tough my painting I wish to transpose the visitor to the world of dreams.
I would like to have sensitivity predominate over reasoning by inciting the viewer to see further than appearances…
I would like to establish extra-verbal and extra-sensorial communication between us by removing the barriers of rationalism".

French painter🎨 Jeannette Guichard-Bunel wants to take her spectators on a dream like journey through her paintings. She wants to give supremacy to reasoning so that the spectator can analyze and go beyond appearances.
She likes to establish an extra-verbal and extra sensorial communication with her public and erase the barriers of rationalism. Her characters try to catch the spectator's eye and attract him to a world where time stands still and has boundless space.

Through colors, the spectator can go cross the boundary between reality and dream along with some poetry.
Her figurative style, punctuated with pop art and surrealism, features characters and pets in an anachronistic universe, filled with poetry and humor.

Her drawing is remarkable, her subjects overlap with true mastery, like a levitation with unreal colors. A dream-like, unique painter, her work has attracted many French galleries in - Paris, Cannes, Pont-Aven, Honfleur, Grenoble, Bordeaux - and abroad too - Belgium and Switzerland.

Jeannette Guichard-Bunel è nata a Cherbourg nel 1957. Dopo la professione di insegnante di educazione fisica, ha abbandonato l'insegnamento e si è  dedicata  alla sua passione per la pittura.
Il suo stile figurativo è surreale, onirico, i colori trasparenti e quasi irreali.

I suoi dipinti hanno sedotto le più grandi gallerie francesi - Parigi, Cannes, Versailles, Grenoble, Pont-Aven, Hardelot, La Varenne St Hilaire - ed all'estero - Germania, Belgio, Svizzera, Ungheria.
Jeannette è membro della Casa degli Artisti, membro della Società degli autori nelle arti grafiche e plastiche, membro dell'Accademia Nazionale di Arti Plastiche del felino.