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József Kárpáti, 1956

József Kárpáti was born in Kevermes, Békés County, Hungary.
Graduated as a teacher of arts at the Teacher Training College of Eger.
At the beginning he took interest in the non-figurative style of painting, which shows the influence of his master, Ignác Kokas.
Within some years he found his individual abstract world of images.

His activities in pedagogy also have an important role in his life.
Presently he is teaching painting and graphic art at an art secondary school.
At the beginning of the 90s art theory considerations persuaded him to elaborate on a new style, in which process he was inspired by the art of renaissance.

According to the artist, subsequent to the movements of the avant-garde of 20th century, a new encounter between art and the audience is required through the revival of the valuable traditions.
As a result of this, the description of man and portrays take the foreground of his art.
Several of his works can be found in foreign private collections.