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Luisa Villavicencio

Studies Visual Arts, Universidad Metropolitana of Chile. Seminar of Therapeutic Method Constellations of Hellinger University of Chile. Tarot and Psychomagic A. Jodorovsky, Cultural Center of Las Condes, Chile.
Activities: Painting, Tarot, Meditation and Alternative Therapies 'Samadhi Therapy Center'.

Art - I paint because I want to ask to everyone be better person, more expression of feeling and understanding.
Love is very important in the life of every human being. My colors are intimately related with the shape, because my colors are saying, what I feel.
My art seeks beauty in the composition, expression of gesture, harmony and proportion, of the aesthetic elements.
My creations have a mystical inspiration and my characters live in a magical world. The artists are touched by the existence and his mission is open new way of understanding, we can use peaceful means to create new reality, art can change the human soul.