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Kamille Corry, 1966 | Figurative / Realist painter

Realist painter Kamille Corry was born in Houston, Texas.
Her art education took place primarily in Florence, Italy from 1987-1990 where she pursued etching studies at Il Bisonte and drawing and painting at Studio Cecil-Graves.
Corry also trained extensively with painter D. Jeffrey Mims in Florence and North Carolina.
She was later an assistant instructor to Mims at The Florence Academy's summer program.

Kamille Corry 1966 | American Figurative painter

Currently residing in Salt Lake City, Utah, Corry's work focuses on the figure while incorporating visions of Utah's stunning landscape.
Her paintings reflect classical training and fine craftsmanship, rendering the figure in a modern, provocative light.

In 2002, Corry started a small art academy in Salt Lake City for intensive studies in the figurative arts, named the Corry Studio of Figurative Art.

"The human figure, in all its infinite beauty of rhythm, expressiveness, anatomical structure and design, is inexorably infused with the most complex of features: the individual soul" - Kamille Corry
Kamille Corry 1966 | American Figurative painter

Kamille Corry 1966 | American Figurative painter