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Marcel Nino Pajot, 1945 | Figurative painter

Marcel Nino Pajot, is an French painter and book illustrator born in Vergt, Dordogne, France.
He is a self-taught artist who improved his drawing skills communicating with other amateur artists.
The first time he participated in an art exhibition was at the age of thirty-six.
Presently, Marcel Nino Pajot is the well known artist who travels in international exhibitions and has earned awards and medals for his works.

The subjects of my paintings”, the artist writes, “are rarely premeditated, they emerge at random from my brushes, according to my pleasure or despair ...
What counts is the preliminary drawing, of course, and painting as a material, the with colors, lines, scratches, the random mix of inks, gouache, acrylics...
Pleasure is also the variety of media, canvas, and especially the paper which materially imposes its most sensual contraints”.

The artist has completed several series of works, two of the most characteristic being Venetian carnival scenes and the story of Don Quixote.
His canvases are full of color, rich detail, humour and often a popular, almost caricature-like immediacy.

Even though he is undeniably a painter, Pajot is also primarily a draughtsman as he designs his subjects with a spirit imbued with a keen eye and disconcerting truthfulness.
By adding a dose of lyricism, a touch of madness, a festive ambience, a touch of mystery and brilliant color to his compositions, he is able to give an air of comedy or tragedy to the rich repertoire of moods he depicts on his canvases.