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Marion Lucka, 1963 | Surrealist painter

German painter Marion Lucka was born in Kaiserhammer near Selb.
Since her childhood she wanted to express herself through her painting.
After finishing secondary school in Bayreuth, she began a vocational training to become a litographer in the resident porcelain industry.

As a self-taught artist Marion Lucka has regular exhibitions since 1986, showing her drawings, paintings, water-coloures and sculptures.
As a sculptor, she works mainly with sandstone and soapstone.
She takes her Abitur at the Fachoberschule Bayreuth with a focus on design and then completes an apprenticeship as a lithographer.

She describes her art as female art, inspired by feelings and dreams.
She hardly ever makes sketches for her paintings.
Instead, she describes her way of working like this: "I let myself drift, start at the top and paint downwards. Then I see what becomes of it. It's just a feeling in me that wants to be translated into color and form".

In the process, dream worlds and sometimes also nightmare worlds emerge with a clear characteristic: metamorphosis.
The forms change, there is hardly anything fixed, clearly defined to see. A certain ambiguity prevails, as the viewer can see in almost all of the pictures.

Marion Lucka was nominated for the Palm Art Award in 2013 and 2019.