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Sara Moon, 1939 | Fashion painter

Bijan Djamalzadeh, Iranian painter, known for his art works signed as “Sara Moon”, was born in Tehran.
The professional pseudonym was decided in the belief that many potential buyers may struggle to understand the "Djamalzadeh" signature, and the name "Sara Moon" just seemed to suit the style of Bijan’s work so well.
From early childhood it was clear that he had inherited the artistic blood of his ancestors, who included official court poets to the Shahs of Persia.
But, even though Bijan’s talent for art was recognised early, his father had other plans for his son’s future.

He wanted Bijan to follow in his own footsteps and his grandfather before him, to become a doctor.
Bijan reluctantly bowed to these wishes and travelled to Germany to study medicine, but it wasn’t long before his passion for art became the stronger.