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Adrian Gottlieb, 1975 | Figurative/Portrait painter

Naturalist painter and portraitist Adrian Gottlieb was born in northeastern Vermont. He currently lives and paints from a studio in Southern California. By the age of 15, Gottlieb had already exhibited in the VT state capitol, and had been recognized by Vermont Governors Madeline Kunin and Howard Dean, his painting of Vermont's Abenaki Indian Tribal Council was purchased by the University of Vermont for permanent exhibition. Gottlieb was chosen the first place national winner (painting and graphics category) of the 1993 Young Inventors and Creators of America Award - a competition designed and funded by the US Patents, Trademarks and Copyright Offices, and the US Library of Congress.

"The best subject is an interesting person painted from life. When I paint from a photograph, I only paint a static understanding of a human being. That the portrait grows and deepens as the artist works is the wonder at the heart of portraiture" - Adrian Gottlieb

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