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Alan Ayers | Cover painter for Romances

Award winning cover artist for romances in the historical category by the Published Authors Network of Romance Writers of America.
'I was born in North Carolina, and was raised in Gainesville, Florida.
I graduated from P.K. Yonge Laboratory School in Gainesville, Florida, and Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in Philadelphia in 1981'.

'Although my training was in traditional media, and I worked professionally for many years delivering images created in oil and acrylic, I’ve been working digitally since 1995. I feel very comfortable working with a stylus and tablet, and often forget I’m not “pushing paint around”.
'All of the cover illustrations on this site were created digitally.
I’ve had the pleasure of working with some of the most talented art directors in publishing and advertising. My current work is primarily in publishing. I greatly enjoy the process of working with art directors and editors to give authors the strongest covers possible.
I live with my wife Jeanne and two whippets in Lancaster, PA'.