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Alexey Shalaev / Алексей Шалаев, 1966 | Cityscape painter

Алексей Шалаев was born in Moscow. He studied automation systems at the Moscow Aviation Institute but infatuation with art in yearly ninetieth’s lead him to A. Skvortsov, a lector of the Moscow Academy of Art and Manufacture -former Stroganov Art School.
The artist works with equal success in different genres, but the favorite theme is the urban landscape.

Recreating the look of old Moscow, Alexey Shalaev relies on knowledge of history and architecture of the city.

Looking at paintings Alexei Shalaev, you find yourself in the past. Familiar from childhood cozy Moscow streets and squares seem, somehow, even lovelier and more beautiful. Warm glow of lanterns, fancy breaks shadows on the pavement, stately buildings and bent tree branches, waiting for the rain… It seems that you hear now the clatter of horses' hoofs and rattle of the first tram - so realistically painted urban landscapes.