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Djordje Prudnikov | VideoArt

Russo-Serbian painter Đorđe Prudnikov / Ђорђе Прудников / Djordje Prudnikov (1939-2017) was one of the most original contemporary artists to emerge from the former Yugoslavia.
Prudnikov was born in Užice, Serbia, the 19th of April 1939.
In 1946. the family moved to Belgrade. After completing his grammar school, Djordje was admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts. Few months later he left it to enroll at the Academy of Applied Arts where he graduated in the class of Professor Mihailo Petrov.
During his studies Prudnikoff was rewarded several times for graphic design.
Graphic (industrial) design was his preoccupation while staying in Wienna, in 1967.

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Djordje Prudnikoff - Ђорђе Прудников 1939 | Realist painter with classical training