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Faiza Maghni, 1964 | Abstract painter

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The Self-taught painter born in Oran, Algeria, Faiza Maghni lives and works in Paris.
The painting has long been a desire more or less unconscious and totally obscured that has become natural in the future.
Fascinated by Persian miniatures, Arabic calligraphy, but also by tribal art and contemporary painting, she is inspired in his work and creates his own universe.
Faiza Maghni attempts to translate through his portraits the beauty and complexity of women in his paintings symbolized the richness of costume and expression enigmatic look. His approach in the abstract expression joins the world of his portraits.

Faiza Maghni: This eclecticism influences my aesthetics, especially the culture and traditions of my hometown, a rich Mediterranean city reflecting the influences of the many civilizations that have occupied it: Spanish, Jewish, Arab, Andalusian, Ottoman and French.

All this has left its mark, whether in architecture, music or the lifestyle in general. In my work I seek to convey a certain kind of romanticism inspired by Arabic and Persian poetry, taking my inspiration from the costumes and hairstyles of the miniatures of the past which I find full of subtlety and restraint.

I’m also drawn to the symbolic meanings found in tribal jewelry and have reinvented this style in my paintings, such as the giraffe-collared women in Burma and Africa that are simultaneously a symbol of beauty and a forced cruelty.

Pittrice autodidatta da Oran, Algeria - Faiza Maghni lavora in Francia, ma e' di chiare origini maghrebine.
Il dipinto è stato sempre per lei un desiderio più o meno inconscio e totalmente oscurato che ha poi naturalmente e totalmente prevalso.
Affascinata dalle miniature persiane, calligrafia araba, ma anche per l'arte tribale e la pittura contemporanea.
Faiza tenta di tradurre, attraverso i suoi ritratti, la bellezza e la complessità delle donne nei suoi quadri simboleggiate dalla ricchezza dei costumi e l'espressione enigmatica degli occhi.

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