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Gabriel Mark Lipper | Figurative painter

Gabriel Mark Lipper: "I love to paint. I’ve been blessed by timing. To be alive right now for this chapter in arts history is a phenomenal gift. Classicism, once pronounced “dead” is reemerging with a new contemporary vitality. The gifts of modernism: color, form, and abstraction, are now being seamlessly integrated with the craftsmanship and techniques of the past".

Gabriel Lipper’s work addresses the growing schism between Self and Other. Many of his paintings appear plastic both in surface and in content.
His emphasis on technique and application of oil paint serve as a classical anchor for his otherwise often vacuous contemporary subjects.
This dualism is borne out of an obsession with craftsmanship and a visceral response to the cannibalistic decadence of the new millennium.

Drawing on influences as diverse as Tolstoy, Fellini, and Eazy-E, Lipper is fascinated by the disconcerting beauty of social disconnection.
Gabriel Lipper currently lives and works in Ashland Oregon.

L'artista dell'Oregon, Gabriel Mark Lipper Lipper descrive le sue opere come dipinti che seducono lo spettatore in un mondo di decadenza opulenta e nostalgica.
La forza dei suoi colori, texture, e anche le pose in pittura dei suoi modelli sono echi delle sue passioni artistiche e di nuove prospettive.
"Mi piace giocare con il colore e comprendere la forza del colore", dice Gabriel. "Ho studiato una tecnica pittorica chiamata "alla prima", che significa semplicemente che si dipinge 'in alcuni colori e valori" miscelando e decidendo rapidamente dove e quale colore si desidera.
Questa tecnica crea una vibrante tela intima".