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Hiroko Sakai | Surrealist painter

Japanese artist Hiroko Sakai has been living and working in San Francisco California since 1998. The intense passion that she conveys in her art has inspired deep expressions of emotion in viewers over the years.
In the early 90's, her professional art career started in the graphic arts field in Japan. After graduating from Nihon interior design school with a BA degree in design and rendering, she founded "Atelier Yume-Tsumugi Ltd".

Operating the studio successfully for 5 years, she emphasized working on a variety of projects with varying requirements rather than focusing on a distinct style.
Many of her works there are displayed in a number of hospital lobbies, corporate offices, and commercial building entrances in Japan.
In 1998, she broadened the scope of her endeavors to include projects in the United States.

"San Francisco, with its vibrant arts culture, became my second home and was a source of much inspiration. For a while, I felt disadvantaged because I was a foreigner learning a second language. Now I know that my differences are my strength and I can combine my Japanese and San Francisco backgrounds to produce powerful and unique art works.

When we tap into our powers of imagination, we are blooms of possibilities.
I believe that I am one of the happiest creatures in the world because I have found what I am meant to do on this Earth and what I want to do from now on".