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Howard Schatz, 1940 | Surrealist photographer

The photographs of Howard Schatz are exhibited in museums and photography galleries internationally and are included in innumerable private collections.
He has received international acclaim for his work and has won virtually every award in his field including numerous “Photographer of the Year” awards and Gold Medals in the most prestigious competitions.
His work has been published in twenty-three monographs.

Schatz’s motivating passion is to explore and experiment, searching for images that surprise and delight.
PAIRS, by Howard Schatz and Beverly Ornstein, was published in October 2023.
This remarkable new work is an exploration of the relationship between two subjects and the visual, graphic, emotional, social, physical and even spiritual dynamic that results from the pairing.

The photographs in this book reveal the passionate and dynamic, subtle or obvious, and always compelling, mystery of relationship.
This 23rd monograph is a photographic odyssey into the world of pairs.
On April 1, 2018 Howard Schatz’s 20-year long study of the Folsom Street Fair in San Francisco was published in his newest book, KINK.
May 2015 marked the publication of a monumental 2-volume 25-year retrospective of the work of Howard Schatz: Schatz Images: 25 Years.