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Jacques Le Nantec, 1940 | Figurative Sculptor

Jacques Le Nantec, pseudonym of Jacques Métayer, is an artist, born in Nantes in 1940
At the age of 13 he started learning sculpture by himself while studying in secondary school - classical studies.
First one-man exhibition at 16, Galerie Peuple et Culture, Annecy, France.

He enlisted as a volonteer for the war in Algeria.
From 1963-1973, still self-taught, he went back to the study of sculpture, while working at different crafts and professions: interior design, cartoons, wax museums etc..

For more than fifty years, Jacques Le Nantec has been working in an academic and classical tradition to become one of the today masters of the figurative sculpture.
His great ambition is to try to build a bridge between the XIXth and the XXIst century art that he hopes "will be aesthetic, sensual and dreamlike".

He proves it through perpetual new creations.
The contemporary art galleries and his growing international public follow with passion the new realizations of this great master.