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Alfredas Jurevičius, 1959

Alfredas Jurevičius was born in 1959 in Telšiai. He studied at Stepas Žukas Art Technical School in Kaunas, later K. Preikšas Pedagogical Institute in Šiauliai and in 1991 entered Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts. The artist joined the Lithuanian Artists' Association in 2003.

Alfredas Jurevičius participates in exhibitions arranged in Lithuania and abroad since 1990. The artist has arranged personal exhibitions in Vilnius and Druskininkai (Lithuania), Warsaw (Poland), Dornhan-Furnsal, Ditzingen and Munich (Germany), Dambury (USA), Moscow (Russia). Painter's works were demonstrated and sold to art lovers in Lithuania, Belarus, USA, Finland and other countries. At first glance, paintings of Alfredas Jurevičius (often called by the pseudonym Juras) could be compared with the works of Greek or Egyptian mythology. However, a closer look reveals the merge of picture elements with each other and the unfolding expressive dimension of the cosmic genesis. Artist's visions, his mysterious and perfectly disclosed world of meditation infuses various feeling into all viewers. Expressive compositions and pictures speak their own and specific language. The sounds of colours harmoniously move within the palette of nature tones, entwine with red, green and blue shades. No less interesting and inventive are factures of paintings. They not only attract visually, but are enriched with deep magnitude of time signs and rhythmics. Signs of time reflect diverse attitudes, and even a global thinking.