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Georgia Kapetanaki /Γεωργια Καπετανακη, 1972

Georgia Kapetanaki was born in 1972 in Athens. She studied at Athens school of fine arts under professor D. Kokkinidis. She has presented her work in two personal exhibitions and has also participated in group exhibitions. Since 1999 she has been working professionally in the field of arts education at schools and cultural centres while since 2010, she is occupied again with the ceramic art and in association with Korakaki Maria, has been working on setting up the ceramics studio.

"For a good number of years I am involved with the decorative fabrics applications in the interior design and decorative shops A directiont on my love for artistic creation is the painting. I am inspired mainly by women personalities, like a gallery of characters. Also expresses creating art hand-made jewellery. Work with new forms, different materials and their combinations. The result is neat, clever and really beautiful jewellery items".