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Jean Bailly, 1940

Jean is born in Alger. After an infancy in Orléans, he lives in Paris till 1966.
Since that time, he came back to his childhood area. Set up as a kinesitherapist, he devotes his free time to the painting.
Then he decides to fully dedicate himself to his art and works as a free lance artist.
He participates on a regular basis to the Parish “Salons” and is very often awarded.
He takes part in collective shows in France and abroad (Germany, Canada, China, Japan, Mongolia, Norway, The Netherlands) as well as solo exhibitions.
Bailly’s paintings are in private collections as well as official ones: Wichita museum(Kansas, USA), Orléans Fine Arts museum, Meudon town hall, Albigny sur Saône town hall, Loiret Chamber of Commerce and Industry, Loiret General Council.