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Kate Lightfoot - Pop Surrealism painter

I'm a self-taught Aussie artist who lives in a quiet Melbourne town-house with my lovely boyfriend, two demanding cats and a bright blue Siamese fighting fish called Jet Li.
During the day, I work in the creative department of an advertising agency. At night, I draw my girls.
I like to work in pencil as I have absolutely no patience and I hate waiting for paint to dry. Watercolour is also great fun (and dries quickly!) - it has a mind of its own and I love the surprise results you can get from it.

I draw flirty, quirky girls. I love their curves, their huge eyes and big hair. I simply can't draw boys - I always want to brighten their skin tones and exaggerate their features until they wind up looking like drag queens!
Lowbrow art is my absolute passion - I trawl through lowbrow sites and pour over magazines trying to find artists I haven't seen before. It's always a thrill to come across a new name and discover a new style. I learnt how to draw from studying Mark Ryden and Joe Sorren's work - trying to figure out how they get the effects they create.