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Philippe Jacquot, 1966 | Portrait /Figurative painter

Philippe Jacquot is born in April, 1966. Soon, his favorite subject is the representation of characters. Later he sought expression in both portraits and figure. He works the pencil and pastels, as well as red chalk drawing, oil and acrylic.
After several experiences in decorative painting and design, in 1990 he decided to devote himself exclusively to his painting.
His past experiences allow him to master glass and metal painting as well as painting on glued materials, giving him the opportunity to express himself beyond the usual means such as canvas or paper. His work focuses mainly on portraiture, the figure and still life. In each creation, he looks for aestheticism, lightness, softness and subtlety through the curve and the work of light.

His themes are often universal: time, balance, seasons, elements… He shows characters and objects through drapes, which makes them even more mysterious. This way Philippe Jacquot wants to express illusion: the ambiguity between true and false, real and imaginary.
His search focuses more on new subjects, atmospheres and original techniques rather than for an uniformity or a link between his creations.
He paint freely, following his mood and his inspiration, preferring changes rather than being locked in a so-called 'style'. Although figurative, the composition of his works allows everyone to engage in its own interpretation, leaving the door open to his imagination. Some of his paintings are in private collections in France and abroad.
They can also be seen in private and group exhibitions, in national and international fairs such as the Salon des Indépendants, the Salon des Artistes Français in Paris and the international salon of Lunéville or at the Cafmeyer Galery in Knokke le Zoute, Belgium, gallery Ces-Arts at Paris, Gallery Mulot at St Gilles Croix de Vie.
Philippe Jacquot was awarded🎨 the audience award🎨 and the jury encouragement at the Salon de Dormans in autumn 2005, the first prize at the Salon de Dormans in 2006, the grand jury prize at the Salon International du Puy en Velay in 2007.
In 2008 Philippe Jacquot was the guest of honnor of this exhibition. At répertoire Artprice. "Je peins pour vous montrer ce que j'ai vu de beau".