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Emmanuel Garant, 1953 | Figurative painter

Born in Lévis, Canadian painter and teacher Emmanuel Garant, studied drawing and painting from 1973-1976 with his father, André Garant, and his mother, Louise Carrier, both fine arts painters celebrated in Quebec and in other countries.
Emmanuel therefore grew up in an environment conducive to artistic endeavors and has rubbed shoulders with his parents’friends such as painter Jean-Paul Lemieux and numerous others…
Formal Recognition
- Member of «The figurative Art Institut» (IAF), 2011;
- Academician 2011;
- International Academy of Fine Arts of Quebec, 2011;
- Winner of Elizabeth-Greenshields Grant (Montréal, QC, 1979).

Nato a Lévis, il pittore Canadese Emmanuel Garant, ha studiato disegno e pittura dal 1973-1976 con suo padre, André Garant, e sua madre, Louise Carrier, entrambi pittori di belle arti celebrati in Quebec ed in altri paesi.

Emmanuel è cresciuto in un ambiente favorevole e grazie ai sforzi artistici ha sfiorato gli amici dei suoi genitori come il pittore Jean-Paul Lemieux e molti altri...


- Membro di "The figurative Art Institut" (IAF), 2011;
- Accademico 2011;
- Accademia Internazionale di Belle Arti del Quebec, 2011;
- Vincitore di Elizabeth-Greenshields Grant (Montréal, QC, 1979)..