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Giuseppe Gigli, 1955 | Hyperrealist painter

Giuseppe Gigli was born in Arcevia (Ancona) in 1955, where he still lives and works.
In the mid 70's, after the first paintings and exhibits, he attended various schools and workshops in Florence where he specialized in the restoration of works of art.
Giuseppe spent the following 30 years as an art restorer, consulter, and dealer, proving himself on an international level and collaborating with art historians, superintendence, auction houses, galleries and museums.

Throughout all this he never abandoned his personal quest as a painter, even if it was relegated in an exclusively private sphere.
In 2004 Giuseppe decided to take an infinite break as a restorer to devote himself, finally, to his Muse using his knowledge and experience in ancient arts, techniques, methods, and materials.

His works are rare and highly sought after due to their fine quality and the understandably limited production.
The compositions of his works of arts are studied at length in order to achieve a perfect balance between shape, space, light, and shadow, with the desire to recuperate "the art of art", giving the paintings ancient and elementary prerogatives.

The subjects and the themes are almost always the pretense to offer a new way of speaking and to mark the differences with models from the past, in fact there is a new re-reading and there are new expectations that guide us to see his paintings.
With his captivating paintings, Gigli manages to convey the "skin" of objects to the point of dizziness by the illusions.
"Gigli's paintings hold no lies, nor excess or sophistication in, the true preciousness is that of the painting …. hidden in the details".

Giuseppe Gigli 1955 | Italian Hyperrealist painter

Giuseppe Gigli, pittore Italiano, è nato in Arcevia -Ancona nel 1955, dove tuttora vive e lavora. Verso la metà degli anni ’70, dopo i primi quadri ed esposizioni, si reca a Firenze dove frequenta scuole e laboratori specializzandosi nel recupero di opere d'arte.
Seguiranno 30 anni d’attività nel restauro di dipinti, consulenze e compravendite, qualificandosi in ambito internazionale e collaborando con storici dell'arte, soprintendenze, case d'aste, gallerie e musei, senza tuttavia abbandonare il proprio percorso nella pittura, seppur relegando in una dimensione esclusivamente privata.

Nel 2004 interrompe la sua attività di restauratore per consacrarsi finalmente alla sua Musa, mettendo a frutto tutta l’esperienza sull’arte antica, sulle tecniche, i metodi, i materiali.
Le sue opere sono rare e ricercate, per il pregio e per una produzione comprensibilmente limitata, esse vengono a lungo studiate nelle composizioni per ottenere un perfetto equilibrio tra forma, spazio, luce e ombra, nella volontà di recuperare un mestiere che restituisca alla pittura le sue più antiche ed elementari prerogative.