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Marc Chagall | Le Cirque series

Marc Chagall🎨: "For me a circus is a magic show that appears and disappears like a world.
A circus is disturbing. It is profound These clowns, bareback riders and acrobats have themselves at home in my visions.
Why? Why am I so touched by their make-up and their grimaces?
With them I can move toward new horizons. Lured by their colors and make-up, I can dream of painting new psychic distortions. It is a magic word, circus, a timeless dancing game where tears and smiles, the play of arms and legs take the form of a great art"!

"The circus seems to me like the most tragic show on earth. I would like to go up to that bareback rider who has just reappeared, smiling; her dress, a bouquet of flowers. I would circle her with my flowered and unflowered years.
On my knees, I would tell her wishes and dreams, not of this world.
I would run after her to ask her how to live, how to escape from myself, from the world, whom to run to, where to go" - Marc Chagall, Cirque - Paris 1967

"Per me il circo è uno spettacolo magico che passa e scompare come un mondo.
I clown, le cavallerizze, gli acrobati fanno parte del mio immaginario perché i loro colori e le loro maschere mi trasportano verso altre deformazioni psichiche che sogno di dipingere" - Marc Chagall (1887-1985)