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Adriano Bonifazi | Romantic genre painter

Adriano Bonifazi (1858-1914) was an Italian painter who worked in Capri and Rome and primarily produced idealised or Romantic 'portraits' of young boys and girls, often in rustic dress.
Rather than naturalistic identifiable portraits, Bonifazi often painted pendants, that is paired paintings, depicting a young girl and a young boy, in an Romantic vein, offering flowers to their beloved or looking whistfully out of the picture space.

While there is no clearly definable ‘style’ in Romantic art, the movement became the dominant cultural tendency in the Western world in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, causing a re-evaluation of the nature of art and the role of the artist in society.
Romanticism does however characterize an attitude to form, themes and subjects and reveals a tendency to extremes, whether of painterliness or of detail and is generally bound up with a concern to evoke sensuous experience, spiritual transformation or both. Bonifazi's paintings of beautiful children and young adults attempt to capture an idea of innocence or amourous emotion more than depict a particular individual.

Adriano Bonifazi (1858-1914) è stato un pittore Italiano* che ha vissuto e lavorato a Roma ed a Capri. Il periodo della sua attività creativa - la fine del 1860-1890.
L'oggetto principale del suo lavoro sono i ritratti di ragazzi e ragazze, spesso in abiti semplici contadini.