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Alexander Vereinov, 1956 | Portrait painter


Never underestimate the power, the brilliance, and the kindness of Alexander Vereinov. Cerebral Palsy can "only" make one appear not capable. No matter the limitations of one's body, there are those like Alexander whom are born with multiple gifts and Talents that any person would be proud to have.

Alexander Vereinov /Александр Вереинов was born on June 25th of 1956 to the Famous Russian Builder Lev Vereinov whose famous buildings such as the Moscow State University can be seen all over Moscow and to his Mother Alexandra Vereinova, a devoted Mother, hard working school teacher and Disability Rights Activist. Alexander first started painting and drawing secretly at night while living at a special hospital for Cerebral Palsy Children.  Because his mouth and teeth were the only part of his body that he had the most control of it became natural to learn to paint in this manner.
Because people were afraid he might by accident injure himself they discouraged this method but eventually when everyone saw how determined Alexander was and that he did not injure himself they began to help. Alexander's Mom worked two jobs to help put her son through Art School and University.
Alexander's father was no longer with the family by the time Alexander was 16 yrs. old. In addition to this Alexandra Vereinova went to hundreds of meetings to seek help for her son and for those Disabled in the community.  Sometimes charitable organizations would "Pretend to help" but not help or they would steal the funds meant for Alexander.
After many years of hard work Alexander began to create some of the most amazing portraits that have ever been created by a Mouth and Teeth Artist. These paintings captured worldwide attention including the and USA Media sources.  Side by side with the Old Masters you can tell no difference.
Alexander has won worldwide acclaim, awards, first place recognitions and even the attention of Princess Diana whom Alexander sketched. Alexander has a nearly photographic memory and has read and studied thousands of books on Russian and American History, knows all the American Presidents, literature, and Art. All these things he remembers and retains like any gifted professor of Academics.