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Anita Kreituse, 1954

Born in Riga, Latvia, Anita Kreituse graduated 1972 J. Rozentals Art School in Riga and admitted Latvian Academy of Arts in the same year.
Already since 1973 she participates in art exhibitions.
After Academy diploma 1980 she starts working as an art director in the "Zilite" magazine, where she is active until 1997.
Anita is member of the Latvian Artists Union since 1992 and has participated in numerous important art exhibitions in the country.

Besides her activity as a classical painter Anita is often active in adjacent areas.
She made illustrations for numerous books: among them there are childrens books, poetry volumes and the latvian edition of "Thousand and one night".
As stage and costume designer she contributed to the success of theatre performances.

In her role as art director and illustrator Anita participated at animated cartoon productions.
Anitas works have been represented in exhibitions of latvian contemporary art in Sweden, Denmark and Belgium.
Her paintings are included in private collections in Russia, Sweden, Germany. Belgium, France, Spain, the USA and Canada.