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Greg Dubuque | Hollywood legends

Greg Dubuque, American painter, was born and raised in a small, average, suburb of St. Louis, Missouri. Chasing frogs and turtles in the neighborhood pond by day, while watching Wild Kingdom and old Creature-Feature monster movies by night.
Those early experiences led to his love for the outdoors, its scenery and wildlife, as well as the creepy-crawly side of nature.
After a short stint in a Junior College Art Program, Greg went on to attend the prestigious Otis Art Institute of Parsons School of Design in Los Angeles, CA where he received a BFA in Illustration and Design.

Working as a freelance artist upon graduation, Greg landed work with Mattel Toys, a selection of graphic design companies, and provided product illustration for a long list of clients. A couple of years later, after working as a scenic artist for film and television production, Greg stumbled upon the opportunity to do some early pre-production art for the film, Jurassic Park for Production Designer, Rick Carter.

One of the paintings from that experience still proudly hangs on the wall of his studio today. After a few more jobs from smaller production projects, Greg entered the field of animation where he worked for nearly ten years in almost every division as a freelance artist and on staff for Warner Bro's Television Animation, Hanna Barbera, DiC Entertainment, and more.
During that time he was twice awarded with Emmy recognition. Wanting his kids to experience the same color's of life and nature he grew up with, Greg recently relocated back to his old hometown in Missouri.
There, he currently works as a Contemporary Fine Artist, Portrait Artist, and Photographer as he happily raises his two children; still chasing frogs and turtles while catching the occasional late-night monster movie.