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Pascal Chove, 1963 | Figurative painter

French painter Pascal Chove was born in Paris. He studies at the applied arts school Ecole des Arts Appliques Duperre in Paris.
Until 1986, he painted numerous murals n Paris and rest of France; following this period he decided to focus exclusively on easel painting.
Since 1997, Pascal Chove has shown his works at numerous international exhibitions; America, Mexico, Holland, Belgium, Japan, Corea etc.

At the beginning of his career, he worked mainly with wood panels, since he does not like the canvas, the artist considers it too soft and inappropriate material because of the possibility of accidentally scratching or stain the picture, the artist always wanted to break away from the traditional canvas and change it more predictable drawing surface.
Currently, he has found his true style: Pascal Chauvet prefers to create his paintings as if he is building a building.
One of his most important methods is to make the center of the picture very detailed, clear, almost hyper-realistic, but the further you move from the center, the more blurred the objects in Pascal’s picture.

Pascal Chove è nato il 17 febbraio 1963 a Parigi. Studia alla scuola di arti applicate Ecole des Arts Appliques Duperre a Parigi.
Diplomatosi all’Ecole des Arts Appliques con Diploma e BTS in arti plastiche, fino al 1986, ha dipinto numerosi murales a Parigi e nel resto della Francia.
Dopo questo periodo ha deciso di concentrarsi esclusivamente sulla pittura ad olio.