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Claude Théberge (1934-2008) | Abstract painter

The career of Claude Théberge provides a prime example of how time works in magical and often unforeseen ways…
This Canadian painter🎨, a graduate of Quebec City’s École des Beaux-Arts, won bursaries from both the Canada Arts Council and the Quebec Government and attended the greatest art and design schools in France.
He captured the top prize in a United Nations competition involving 65.000 graphic artists from throughout the world.

Over many years he divided is time between Paris and Montreal, all the while exploring the full range between pure abstraction and hyperrealism.
He designed murals, stained glass windows and sculptures for a host of public buildings and created paintings found in prestigious collection: Aérospatial, France; l’Oréal / Lancôme; Montreal Museum of Contemporary Art; Royal British Columbia Museum; Toronto World Trade Center; First Canadian Bank; Esso, Canada; Kennedy Collection, U.S.A., etc.
His works are part of the collections at Aérospatial, France, Museum of Contemporary Art, Royal British Columbia Museum, Toronto World Trade Center, First Canadian Bank and Galerie Q, among others.
Through the years, he took part in solo or group shows held in Paris, London, Copenhagen, Berlin, Madrid, Moscow, Tokyo, New York, Chicago and elsewhere.
He died in Montréal in 2008.

Claude Théberge 1934 | Canadian painter | The Umbrellas

Claude Thèberge è nato nel 1934 a Edmunston, a New Brunswick.
È cresciuto a Témiscouata. Ha studiato arti grafiche all'École des beaux-arts in Québec. Successivamente studia in Europa dopo aver vinto una competizione internazionale di arte, stampe e manifesti lanciata dall'ONU nel 1952.
Nel corso della sua carriera ha vinto borse di studio sia dal Canada Arts Council che dal governo del Québec.
Era un membro della Royal Canadian Academy. Le sue opere acriliche incorporano l'astrazione e l'iperrealismo, molti dei suoi dipinti sono stati distribuiti come stampe. Insieme alla pittura ha disegnato murales, vetrate e sculture per una serie di edifici pubblici.
Le sue opere fanno parte delle collezioni di Aérospatial, Francia, Museum of Contemporary Art, Royal British Columbia Museum, Toronto World Trade Center, First Canadian Bank e Galerie Q, tra gli altri.
Ha partecipato a numerose mostre personali e collettive a Parigi, Londra, Copenaghen, Berlino, Madrid, Mosca, Tokyo, New York, Chicago e altrove. È morto a Montréal nel 2008.