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Helene Beland, 1949 | Realist painter

Born in Montreal, Qc, Canada, Helene Béland makes traditional studies in Montreal. In 1975, Béland obtains a diploma of study collegial in arts.
Then of 1979-1981 the artist continues his artistic formation at the painting and art school "Mission Renaissance School of Drawing" of Los Angeles under the direction of Larry Gluck, professional painter American. Helene Béland also studied art at the University from Quebec in Montreal.
Helene Béland controls the different techniques such as the charcoal, the pastel, oil and the "sanguine".

In her works, Helene Béland gives birth to under our eyes a bathed sensuality of light and where the drawing is sensitive to the point there to reveal the invisible one with the glance, the dazzling of the unconscious one.

In 1982, with the artist Daniel Brient, they opened in Montreal the school painting Mission Rebirth where in their turn they teach a new approach with the process of creation. Since 1977, Helene Béland exposes in several galleries of Quebec.

I believe the role of the artist is to inject quality, excellence and understanding in the society.
As I want to communicate as perfectly as possible with the greatest number of my fellow men, I opted for realism as my mean of expression in art because it is an universal language immediately accessible to all.
The advantage that it offers is that all the themes of the inner and exterior worlds can be approached and rendered with a high level of clarity and quality. It is my way to produce beauty in this world and to share it with others.
My realism is based on the Old masters’ techniques. All those characteristics allow the artwork to seduce, to convince and to impress the viewer during all the time he will live with it.
I try to achieve seduction by a careful handling of the painting techniques, conviction by depicting the subject as it could really exist and toimpress by the idealization of the proportions, the effect of light, the textures, the colors, etc - Hélène Béland.

Honors and Awards🎨:

  • Selected, International Salon of the Museum of Contemporary Masters of Fine Art, USA, 2010, 2011;
  • Finalist, Challenge #60 "People and Figures", International Artist Magazine, USA, 2010;
  • Finalist, International Salon Blossom II - Art of Flowers, Susan Katleen Black Fondation, 2011;
  • Staff Award, International Salon 2009/2010, Art Renewal Center, USA;
  • Larry Gluck Freedom Award🎨, Los Angeles, 2002;
  • Finaliste, International Salon 2010/2011, Art Renewal Center, USA;
  • Finalist, Challenge #66 "People and Figures", International Artist Magazine, USA, 2011.

L'artista Canadese🎨 Hélène Béland e' nata il 12 dicembre, 1949 in Montreal, Qc, Canada.
Ha ottenuto il Certificato in Plastic Arts presso il College of Old Montreal, ed ha completato il programma di Fune Art alla Renaissance🎨 Fine Art School di Los Angeles, California.
Hélène usa tecniche diverse come carboncino, pastello.
Nelle sue opere, l'artista guarda attentamente alla sensualità della luce.
Nel 1982, con l'artista Daniel Brient apre a Montreal una scuola di pittura "Missione Rinascimento", che insegna un nuovo approccio al processo creativo.