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Katherine Blackwell | Surrealist painter

"For me, art is like breathing. It's a necessity. Some people enjoy art for its inherent statement. I truly enjoy the process of creating that statement". It is this love for her craft that drives Katherine to paint.

'Melty People' is a concentration spawned from years of youthful sketches contorting and manipulating the human body. Katherine translated self-taught painting techniques to the aforementioned hard line sketches to create more detailed, sculptural subjects in oils. The goal, she states, is "to make them as realistic as possible, in spite of their impossible circumstances".
The 'Melty People' are an interpretation of the world in which we live. It is the visualization of the emotional and non-physical connection we have to each other, as well as - sometimes struggling, sometimes bonding, and other times completely unaware of the connection we share.