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Ophelia Redpath, 1965 | Surrealist painter

Redpath was born in Cambridge, England, where she still lives. Her career as a painter spans over 20 years with exhibitions in over 100 shows in Britain and overseas.
Clive James says she "is the most brilliant artist of her type currently working in Britain". She is presently at work on her second novel, as well as a very funny collection of memoir styled essays and a new series of paintings.


Initially I began painting in oil pastel and gouache on paper. A ground in oil pastel establishes the basic colour composition, after which the gouache, a water-based paint, is applied.
The reaction between oil-based and water-based substances causes separations of pigment which play against each other and result in a textured finish.
A few years ago I moved into working in oil on gesso-primed paper which excites me even more due to the richness provided by oil paints.
Now I mainly concentrate on painting in oils on canvas.
I also like to work graphically and illustratively using fine-liners and coloured inks.  Works using this medium include illustrated books and wall-prints.