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A.D. Cook, 1961 | Abstract painter / Sculptor

I was born with a passion to create. I started drawing a very early age and I learned to paint with a variety of mediums while honing my skills throughout childhood. My family moved a lot from one end of the country to the other, and I often attended two or three different schools on any given year. Fortunately, pencils and paper where easy to pack.
At age 14, we finally settled in the Oregon City area (near Portland, Oregon) for a few years.
There, I discovered the airbrush and other art mediums while further developing my drawing and photography skills. Then off to Phoenix for a few years 18-22.
In the Spring of 1983, I met the love of my life, Kathryn. We married in December of that same year. The next year we moved to Oregon together.

In the late '80’s through mid ‘90’s, I was the early marketing force behind the fast-growing Hollywood Video stores. I created their corporate identity and brand, and designed the look-and-feel of the first stores while painting dozens of large-scale wall murals of movie stars and personalities for the fast growing retail giant.
After leaving Hollywood Video in 1994, I continued to refine my creative skills, producing a series of large paintings of American motorcycles and other subject matter before finally transitioning to mostly figurative artworks and abstracts.
In 2004, I created the first of many large-scale realistic nudes on specially prepared canvas and migrating to metal figurative originals in 2006.

We moved to Las Vegas later that same year where I now create and show my art. Kathryn and I reside in Las Vegas, NV, with our dog, Dargo. I continually find inspiration in the flood of imagery and the stimulating energy that permeates this city.

A.D. Cook 1961 | American fashion painter