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Dmitry Patrushev / Дмитрий Патрушев, 1969

Dmitry Patrushev / Дмитрий Патрушев was born in city Glazov. Has graduated Glazov's Art School in 1982. Was engaged in sculptor, painter, watercolourist and teacher Leonid Mordvin and prepared to act in V. Surikov's Institute, and has acted in the Institute of Physical Culture in Moscow, parallelly visited S. Andriyaka's School of Watercolor, and also N.Smirnov's workshop.

"Now I am engaged in creative activity and I teach in high school painting and figure. I am switched to different kinds of art. All is interesting to me - in what I see vital energy; "do not stop on achieved!"
The participant of personal, urban, international exhibitions. The works are in Kirov(Vyatka), Moscow, Germany, France, Tunis.

Dmitry Patrushev / Дмитрий Патрушев è nato nel 1969 a Glazov, si è laureato alla scuola d'arte di Glazov nel 1982. Ha lavorato nello studio-laboratorio dello scultore, pittore, grafico e pedagogo Leonid Mordvin Al momento lavora come insegnare in una università d'arte e design.