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Dylan Lisle, 1978 | Figurative painter

Dylan Lisle’s work maintains a contemporary dynamism through his old masterly representations of the female form.
Knots and swathes of vibrant, passionate fabric envelope his sensuous figures, or otherwise are the subject of larger studies, which draw upon chiaroscuro, reminiscent of Caravaggio🎨, Rembrandt🎨, Vermeer🎨 and Rubens🎨.

Dylan John Lisle 1978 | British painter

His work is instantly approachable, engagingly serene and romantically charged; traits that have not gone unnoticed in the art world he inhabits.

Fresh from his first London solo exhibition, Dylan Lisle spearheads a modern movement of artists, whose desire it is to capture light in all its glorious subtleties, texture in its infinite tactile qualities and the female form in its evasive beauty.

Dylan John Lisle 1978 | British painter

Dylan John Lisle 1978 | British Figurative painter