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Andrew Loomis | Realist illustrator / Art instructor

William Andrew Loomis (1892-1959), better known simply as Andrew Loomis, was an American🎨 illustrator, author, and art instructor.
His commercial work was featured prominently in advertising and magazines; however, Loomis is best known as author a series of instructional art books printed throughout the 20th century.
Long after his death, Loomis' realistic style has continued to influence popular artists. Born in Syracuse, New York, Loomis grew up in Zanesville, Ohio and spent much of his working life in Chicago, Illinois.
He studied at the Art Students League of New York under George Bridgman and F.V. du Mond when he was 19. Loomis then went back to Chicago to work at an art studio and study at the Art Institute of Chicago.
After military service in World War I, Loomis worked for a couple of advertising agencies before opening his own studio in downtown Chicago.

In the 1930s, he taught at the American Academy of Art. It was during this time that his teaching techniques were compiled for his first book, Fun With a Pencil, in 1939.

Loomis would go on to release several more books in the coming decades, including one of his most popular, Figure Drawing for All It's Worth, in 1943.
Many of the books exhibit his own personally crafted techniques - such as the "ball and plane" method of head drawing - guided by Loomis's witty and humorous dialogue.

Many of the titles gained strong appeal for their rich academic value and went through several prints during the 20th century. Loomis died in 1959, but his final book, Eye of the Painter and Elements of Beauty, would be printed posthumously in 1961.

William Andrew Loomis (1892-1959) è stato un illustratore statunitense🎨 nato a New York ma che ha trascorso la maggior parte della sua vita a Chicago.
Quest’artista è molto noto per una serie di libri che ancora oggi influenzano numerosi artisti.