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Manuel Nuñez, 1956 | Fashion illustrator

Manuel Nuñez began his career in art after leaving Art Center College of Design in 1979.
He started working primarily as an illustrator doing movie posters, album covers and editorial work.
Later he focused on fashion illustrations, working for companies such as, May Company, Lord and Taylor, Robinsons, Nordtroms and Woodward and Lohrop.

He also taught fashion illustration at Otis Parsons in Los Angeles and at Art Center College of Design in Pasadena.
In 1990 Manuel decided to pursue a career in gallery work, he developed a body of work and began being published by Ralph Gorton of Summit Publishing.
Manuels work has been exhibited in many galleries all over the country and in Europe, some of the most recent being, Just Looking Gallery in San Luis Obispo, Ca, Artifacts Gallery in Cambria, Ca, Viaiona Fine Art in Sedona, AZ, Pacific Fine Art in Kona, HI, Just Looking Gallery in Hartford, Editions Gallery in Edmonton, Alberta and Visions Gallery, Moscow.

Manuel has also been commisioned by several of his collectors to do portraits.
Manuel is a member of the California Art Club and exhibited in the 2003 Gold Medal Exhibition.
His work has also recently toured the country in the "seeds" exhibition entitled "From Dawn to Dusk".