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Wilfredo Alicdan, 1965 | Genre painter

Wilfredo Alicdan - born in Dasmariñas, Cavite - is a Filipino figurative artist.
His works are distinguished by their quaint and geometric folk representations, populated by rounded stylized figures usually engaged in traditional and rural activities Alicdan graduated elementary school in 1978 from Francisco E. Barzaga Memorial School in Dasmariñas.
He graduated high school from Immaculate Conception Academy in 1982 with a gold medal for "Artist of the Year" award. He studied fine arts in the Philippine Women's University from 1983-1986.


Alicdan is a founding member of the Anting-Anting Group of Artists.
He supports UNICEF which reproduces his art works as greeting cards for the benefit of children around the world.
He also represented the Philippines in RENGA Project in 2003.
In 2005, he was awarded the Gawad Pagpapahalaga sa mga Natatanging Mamamayan ng Dasmariñas for Fine Arts.
In 2007 was awarded the 5th General Emilio Aguinaldo Outstanding Achievement Award for Visual Arts.
In 2017, he participated in Art and Advocacy, an art auction for B-Aware, a Hepatitis B awareness campaign by the Hepatology Society of the Philippines.
Some of his most famous works are displayed in various places in his hometown of Dasmariñas, including the DASCA Building, Pagamutan ng Dasmariñas, Volet's Hotel and Resort and Sari Cafe.

Wilfredo Alicdan è un artista Filippino, nato a Dasmariñas, Cavite. Le sue opere si distinguono per le loro rappresentazioni folk pittoresche e geometriche, popolate da figure stilizzate arrotondate solitamente impegnate in attività tradizionali e rurali.
Wilfredo Alicdan si è diplomato presso l'Immaculate Conception Academy nel 1982 con una medaglia d'oro per il premio "Artist of the Year".
Ha studiato belle arti presso l'Università delle donne filippine dal 1983-1986.
Ha studiato al Fine Arts-Major in Pittura, Istituto universitario femminile delle Filippine.
E' membro fondatore del gruppo di artisti Anting-Anting. Aiuta e sostiene l'UNICEF prestando le sue opere per essere riprodotte come carte Unicef a beneficio di tutti i bambini del mondo.