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Yoshiro Tachibana (1941-2016) | Abstract / Naif painter

Yoshiro Tachibana / 橘与四郎 was born in Japan (Sanda, Kobe), son of a painter Nakaba Tachibana (1902-2000). Yoshiro began to study art in Tokyo in 1962 and became inspired by the work of Klee. In 1969 he traveled to Spain and Germany.
He lived in Hamburg and Kiel until 1973 and then Moved to Norway.
In 1975 he decided to settle in a small fishing village, Muxia (La Coruña) and began exhibiting his work in various cities in Galicia.

In 1981 he traveled to Japan to exhibit in Tokyo (Ginza Matsuzaka-ya) and his work was chosen for the "Cultural Japan Expo 84".
He also became interested in and studied Mandala Buddhism and traveled to Sri Lanka to learn about early Buddhism.
He also studied the primitive painting style and medieval iconography.
From 1998 he began to exhibit in several cities in Spain and Japan.
His style is a mixture of abstract, naif and figurative painting based on minimalism.