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Angela Staehling | Vintage garden

Known for capturing the essence of romantic living, Staehling seeks inspiration from her deep-rooted family values, her Italian heritage, and her strong sense of tradition. Educated in America and England, she has years of experience in graphic design, illustration, and painting.
She can't help but create art that captures the romance of the simple things in life. 

It's in her heritage, her upbringing, her best memories, her heart. Driven by a need to create and an eye for simple beauty, she is a down-to-earth artist with a strong work ethic and a contagious spirit.
Heavily influenced by her European ancestry and travels, her art triggers the emotion, passion, and love shared among the closest of family and friends.

Angela is an illustrator, surface designer and author who works on designs for clients like Chronicle Books, Target, Macy's, Smithsonian Store, Pier 1 Imports and Kohl's. She designs her own collections of dinnerware, stationery, textiles and other home decor product lines.
When not illustrating, Angela enjoys spending time in her garden, hanging out with her kids and hiking nearby nature trails. She draws much of her inspiration from the great outdoors and delights in playing with new art mediums and styles.
Angela is an active member of her local art community where she serves as art council member, organizer and promoter of art events and juror. She has designed and taught art programs to communities in need and brought art projects into schools that lack funding for the arts.