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Fabio Hurtado, 1960

Fabio Hurtado is a Spanish-Italian painter and photographer, with an unmistakable style.
His paintings recreate scenes in an almost cinematographic context which are set within the 1920's and 1930's.
His exquisite drawing skills and harmonious use of color are complementary to the overall sense of mystery surrounding his stylish and elegant characters and the roles they play in his paintings.

There is an implied interaction between the spectator, the paintings and the artist who encourages the viewer to use his imagination in unravelling and participating in the narrative of the work.
Hurtado's painting is serious and produced in a concientious manner, where imagination and technique are in harmony resulting in a poignant statement of the timeless unchanging realities of the human condition.


In 1995 the artist is admitted to the academic senate of the Academy of Modern Art in Rome.
In the same year Hurtado receives from the hands of H.M. Queen Sofía of Spain the Medal of Honor awarded to him as well as to another nine artists (including Adrià Pina, Elena Negueroles and Raúl Urrutikoetxea) at the 10th edition of the BMW painting prize award ceremony.
Also in 1995 Hurtado received a First Medal for Painting at the Salon de Otoño from the Spanish Association of Painters and Sculptors (AEPE).

In 1998 one of his pieces makes the cover of the Financial Times′ Telecoms World magazine.
Years later the Ulster Museum acquires Hurtado's piece Three Seated Women and a Dog (1997) for its fine art collection.
More recently the daily newspaper La Vanguardia chooses one of Hurtado's paintings to illustrate the cover of its cultural supplement (Culturals) published to celebrate 2017's Book Day.

Fabio Hurtado's name has been included in several dictionaries and reference books on Spanish art.
An essay on his art, as well as anthologies of his paintings were published in 1998 and 2007.