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Hamish Blakely, 1968 | Love letters to my wife

Like many great artists, British painter Hamish Blakely has a muse. And it is none other than his wife Gail!
The artist explains: "We men folk have a lot to learn, and I have learned a great deal from her since we met. My art celebrates that mystifying blend of feminine beauty and strength.
While loyal to that enduring genre of the celebrated figure and venerated goddess in art, I also explore the majesty of a woman's presence".

"In much of my work, I paint Gail, my wife. This is especially evident in my latest pieces.
These paintings owe their character and presence to her. Even more than the aesthetic allure and depth Gail brings as the subject, it is her imagination whilst choreographing our many photo shoots, that makes the paintings work.
She doesn't appear merely as a decorative or passive pictorial element; she endows the work with nobility, nuance, intrigue and grace.

This, in part, she does by making the poses look natural while showing some form of tension in the anatomy. There is also a sense that she is unconcerned about the viewer, cosseted in her own world. For an Artist, this has to be the finest definition of inspiration I can conceive of.
A customer explained this far more eloquently, "You are painting love letters to your wife"..

Come molti grandi artisti, Hamish Blakel ha una musa ispiratrice. E non è altro che sua moglie Gail!
L'artista spiega: "Noi uomini abbiamo molto da imparare, ed io ho imparato molto da lei da quando ci siamo incontrati.

La mia arte celebra quella mistificante miscela di bellezza e forza femminile.
Pur essendo fedele a quel genere intramontabile della dea venerata nell'arte, esploro anche la maestosità della presenza di una donna".