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Richard Baxter, 1966

Richard Baxter is an Australian painter, photographer and digital artist.
These three aspects of visual art constantly interweave for me, and I don't like to create borders between them as they all enhance each other in different ways.
The main, simple message in all my recent work is that life is joyous and explosive, here and now in the present, amidst the ordinary, amongst the flowers and the garbage.

Richard Baxter 1966 | Australian Oil on canvas and Digital painter

This joy is found right wherever you are, at any time, you don't have to search, you don't have to attend monasteries for years on end, you don't need large amounts of money, or knowledge.

2002 - First Prize in the International Art Contest; Realism section 2001 Online graphic design and digital imaging for Nairam Multimedia Corporation, Toronto.