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Séverine Pineaux, 1960 | Fantasy painter

Séverine Pineaux is a French🎨 Illustrator, painter and designer.
After her beginnings in fantasy illustration, she specialized in magical representations where trees mingle with creatures and men.
His Ysambre series, composed of two volumes, "Le monde-arbre" and "La femme-graine", won an award🎨 at the Printemps des Légendes de Monthermé.
Séverine Pineaux has always evolved in a world of fairyland and heroic-fantasy.

After studying visual arts in Paris VIII, and following the production of a cartoon and a comic book, Rock n'Renard, she founded, in 1985 and with several people, a multimedia communication company "Outline Video".
At the same time, she illustrated for role-playing magazines such as Dragon magazine and Grail. She also creates book covers for the Pocket and Black River editions.
The Outline Video Company ceased its activities in 1994, Séverine Pineaux became an independent illustrator.
She takes part in several exhibitions in France and in Hong Kong, French Art Fair 2001.
In 2002, she is one of the nine artists presented in the art-book “Terra incognita“.

In 2004, Séverine Pineaux exhibits at the gallery "L'Arche de Morphée" in Paris and makes the book "Ysambre" with many paintings and drawings.
In 2005, she participates in exhibitions in France and Belgium.
In 2006, several exhibitions and she makes a new book "The dragons, little book of natural sciences".
She is in the Spectrum artist’s book 2006 with the painting "The ball dress".
She continues to create book covers and work for Dragon magazine.
She win the professional prize🎨 of the festival "Visions du Futur - Paris" in 1999.
She win the Oriande Award🎨 2012 of illustrated books for "Gothic Faerie".

Illustratrice, pittrice e designer Francese🎨, Séverine Pineaux si è evoluta in un mondo di paese delle fate e del fantasy eroico.
Dopo aver studiato arti visive a Parigi VIII e aver seguito la produzione di un cartone animato e di un fumetto, Rock n'Renard, ha fondato, nel 1985 e con diverse persone, una società di comunicazione multimediale "Outline Video".
Allo stesso tempo, ha illustrato per riviste di gioco di ruolo come la rivista Dragon e il Graal. Crea anche copertine di libri per le edizioni Pocket e Black River.
La Outline Video Company cessò le sue attività nel 1994, Séverine Pineaux divenne illustratrice indipendente.
Continua a creare copertine di libri e lavorare per la rivista Dragon.