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Juan Soler, 1951 | Parisian Street Scenes

Spanish painter Juan Alberto Soler Miret moved to Madrid very young and started in Art by himself.
As a result of his visits to the Museo del Prado he showed special interest in the work of Dutch and Flemish painters such as Vermeer, Holbein and Dürer, from which it attracts not only the subject, but his mastery of technique and design.
He was also interested in artists as diverse as Botticelli, Salvador Dalì or Ingres, which will undoubtedly mark his later work.

Attracted by the flow of new realism, in 1971 decided to abandon his studies and devote his time entirely to painting.
Soon participating in collective exhibitions, obtaining recognition from critics.
Soler traveled to Italy, Greece, Egypt and United States in order to complete his training and expertise.
As in the case of many of the realistic painters of his generation, his work is the result of a slow and painstaking work.

Oriented his works towards a detailed realism based on drawing.
In the early seventies he joined the new realism, stream of significant importance to the Spanish artists born after the war.
Leaving aside budgets informality, other influences came from a privileged sight: surrealism.

These are the years when he traveled to Italy, Greece and United States, where approaches can be influenced by pictorial advocates painting in a more calm nature. His voice, thereafter, is defined by the lush colors, the optical illusion and that the domain pattern of the drawing.