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Leo Stans, 1953 ~ Evening Falls

Leo Stans 1953, American painter, was born and raised in Chaska, Minnesota. 'I am a professional artist who has been creating art full-time for over thirty years. I specialize in wildlife, landscapes, cityscapes, still life and humor, using techniques of traditional fine art. In 1991 I was commissioned to paint “The National Park Series”, which was sold as framed prints. In 2002, seeking fresh artistic direction, I began to paint landscapes of the Southwest and historical street scenes situated in Minneapolis and St. Paul.
In 2009 I was chosen to be the official artist of the Minnesota State Fair, one of the largest in the world, and was the cover artist for the Courage Center's Christmas card catalog. My latest art collection is the "Living Well" series, featuring images of grand pianos and other instruments along with fine wine and sheet music from famous composers such as Mozart and Bach. My goal for this collection is to celebrate the finer things in life while honoring some of the most talented people in music history. It is always gratifying to know that my artwork has been enjoyed by so many people. I am always striving to improve and create new and better work.